How to report reviews on Google

It is important Report fake or fraudulent reviews that harm our business To maintain the reputation and trust of customers, reviews are usually customers commenting on their real experiences in the business but sometimes they can be published Fake or fraudulent reviews that can damage a company's reputation.

Delete Google Review

Why report a fake review on Google?

The Fake reviews can seriously damage a company's reputation. Are reviews often contain misleading or defamatory information that may be harmful for the business. That's why it's important to report fake reviews so Google can take action and remove them.

Reasons why fake reviews appear on your business profile on Google

The main reasons why false negative reviews appear and harm your business are:

  • Competitor attacks to lower your reputation
  • Dissatisfied customers that can be create multi-accounts and tell more people leave bad reviews on your business
  • Influencers who run negative campaigns for businesses for not accepting their commercial proposals

These ways of attacking a business are becoming more and more common in a society that is increasingly accustomed to looking at the ratings and comments of businesses, achieving this harm customer acquisition and profitability of the business they attack.

What is important to report a review?

Google is aware that attacks with fake and negative reviews on businesses are increasingly used and that is why it gives us the possibility of reporting the reviews and they can be deleted, but what does Google look at to eliminate one or more reviews?

Google take into account different aspects when assess the quality and veracity of the reviews, from the user geolocation that puts the review taking into account whether the user has actually been in person at the business, the daily review average that the business usually has and the comparison with the reviews in the time that the attack of negative reviews lasts, the Google profile quality who makes the review.

How to report a fake review on Google?

To report a fake review on Google, follow these steps:

  • Open Google Maps and search for the company name
  • Click on the review you want to report
  • Click the flag icon next to the review
  • Select the reason for the complaint from the drop-down menu
  • Provide any additional information that may be helpful
  • Click “Send”

Once you have reported the review, Google will review the report and take action if the review is found to be false or violates Google policies. but otherwise the review will still be there.

How to Delete Reviews on Google

What types of reviews can be reported to Google?

Reviews that violate Google policies can be reported, including:

  • Offensive or inappropriate content
  • False or misleading content
  • Conflicts of interest, such as reviews by a business owner or a competitor
  • Promotional or spam content
  • Off-topic or irrelevant content


It is important to remember that Reporting a review does not guarantee its removal. Google will review each complaint and make a decision based on its policies. While it can be frustrating if an inappropriate review isn't removed, it's important to continue reporting any content that violates Google policies to help maintain the integrity of the review system.

What to do when negative reviews are not removed?

It is possible that despite reporting the reviews, Google does not delete them or does not delete all of them, in these cases the alternative that exists is to get new real reviews positive and natural that can stop the reputation attack in Maps&Seo, we are experts in Google reviews, do not hesitate to contact us.

Counter reputation attacks


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Examples of fake review attacks

In Summer 2022, the case of the Streamer and Youtuber Borja Escalona became known, who is dedicated to going to businesses getting free products or services in exchange for “promotion” and the businesses that did not agree were victims of the Streamer sarcastically inciting their viewers to leave bad reviews that damage the reputation of the business.

Negative Reputation Attack Example
Borja Escalona carrying out a reputation attack on a business

When the specific situation of a business where Borja Escalona left without paying with empanadas became publicly known, it unleashed a wave of positive reviews towards the business, thus counteracting the reputational attack it was suffering.



Frequently asked questions about reporting Google reviews

What happens if I report a review on Google?

Google will review the complaint and decide if it violates its review policies. If so, the review could be deleted.

How to get Google to delete a review?

For request the removal of a review on Google, you can use the "Report a problem" tool on the reviews page or contact Google support and provide a valid justification.

What to do with negative Google reviews?

In case it is a fake review it is best not to respond and report it if it is one real review it is important to respond professionally and courteously to the review, offering a solution or explanation to the problems raised. You can also work on improving the quality of the product or service to reduce future negative reviews.

What to do with fake reviews?

Must be Report fake reviews to Google using the “Report a Problem” tool. Google has strict policies against fake reviews and may remove them after a review.

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